• #1 by Chatbully on 04 Dec 2015
  • Would be great if you could wrap the forum description and titles..... because people cant read the topic titles when they are cut off.
  • #2 by Administrator on 05 Dec 2015
  • What do you mean by wrap? To show all the title? It totally breaks the forum interface :(
  • #3 by Chatbully on 05 Dec 2015
  • I mean instead of cutting off the end of the topic with "...." just have it go down to the next line....

    People will not click into topics they cannot read what they are about.....

    Notice how on this other theme the title goes to the second line instead of cutting it off....

  • #4 by Chatbully on 05 Dec 2015
  • Matter fact if your title goes to long and gets cut off your theme doesnt allow any way to read the full title. You cant even read it inside the post
  • #5 by Administrator on 06 Dec 2015
  • Thank you, I'll check this one :)
  • #6 by vkot on 09 Feb 2016
  • This should be a simple CSS change, I guess.
    Please tell us which line we should change, so that we'll not need to analyze the CSS file to find it.
    • vkot
  • #7 by Administrator on 10 Feb 2016
  • If implemented it'll be done in a new release.